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Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece loves our takeout

"On a Sunday night, the kids love a takeout meal. There’s a restaurant nearby called Pig Heaven, which they love. "

~ The New York Times

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More than 100 authentic Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines to indulge your craving for tasty traditional dishes.

Authentic Chinese food in Manhattan

Pig Heaven specializes in Taiwanese style cooking with only the best of ingredients. The menu features items such as our world famous Spare Ribs, Peking Duck, Grand Marnier Shrimp, Three Glass Chicken and many more delicious selections. We feature a full service bar and outdoor seating. We are available for delivery throughout Manhattan and take out is available as well. Additionally we also cater events of all sizes.

ORDER: 212.744.4333/4887

Free Delivery (min $15)

Celebration with Pig Heaven

“We all had a wonderful time! The food was fabulous, as always. And the staff could not have been more accommodating. Very professional and extremely friendly. Everything was great! Thanks so much for making Lloyd’s birthday an affair to remember!”

Carol L.


  • Pig Heaven

    Pig Heaven

    441 reviews
  • M-A L.

    M-A L.

    I love their hotpot. The best in this district.

    MUST-GO dishes at pig heaven:
    Fish or meat hotpot (recommend in extra spicy)
    Pecking soup

    You have better places around for :
    Mafa tofu. (Too sweet)
    Beef sauté.
    Dandan noodle
  • Simon D.

    Simon D.

    Excellent Chinese-American food (like, really good) at an affordable price point. This is not your typical, greasy take out. Produce is fresh, protein is cooked with an appropriate and not excessive amount of oil, flavors and sauces are very rich. Excellent customer service as well. We've enjoyed both their outdoor dining and delivery.
  • Simon J.

    Simon J.

    This is one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at. I live 2 hours away and drove to Manhattan just for this. The fish is so fresh, I feel like it just came out of the river. The beef was amazing, tender and juicy. Definitely recommend!
  • Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    I've eaten in Chinese restaurants all over Chinatown, up and down the Upper West and Upper East Sides and around Midtown.  After stopping for take out only now at Pig Heaven, I can jump on that band wagon to tell you that some of the best, if not the best, Chinese style BBQ ribs are at this UES restaurant.  Moist, meaty, and slathered in sweet soy goodness.  The dry sauteed string beans were a great vegetable to go with but I find they're always best before being put into a take out carton.
  • Rebel A.

    Rebel A.

    Food was delicious  
    Especially a big fan of the chaosaobao,  chicken  chaufan, and the  eggplant.
    Service was excellent
    Bathroom and Restaurant super clean
  • Carlos A.

    Carlos A.

    Our Go-To Chinese restaurant on the UES. very good restaurant for authentic Chinese cuisine on the UES if you don't want to trek to Queens or Chinatown. everyone is super friendly. we have never had an issue with delivery as it gets to our apartment right away. favorite dishes include hot pot (pretty much any flavor), sauteed eggplant, and steamed chicken (if you want a less oily option).
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