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We will be temporarily closing due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.
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Starting May 01, 2020, we will be serving 


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Hours of Operation: 12pm – 8:30pm (Mon-Sun)

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New Cuisines, Fresh Taste!!!

Introducing our new family style cuisines. Eat like you're in China.

Pig Heaven

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Authentic Chinese food in Manhattan

Pig Heaven specializes in Taiwanese style cooking with only the best of ingredients. The menu features items such as our world famous Spare Ribs, Peking Duck, Grand Marnier Shrimp, Three Glass Chicken and many more delicious selections. We feature a full service bar and outdoor seating. We are available for delivery throughout Manhattan and take out is available as well. Additionally we also cater events of all sizes.

From Our Kitchen

More than 100 authentic Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines to indulge your craving for tasty traditional dishes.

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Happy Pig Hour

4 – 7 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

Celebration with Pig Heaven

“We all had a wonderful time! The food was fabulous, as always. And the staff could not have been more accommodating. Very professional and extremely friendly. Everything was great! Thanks so much for making Lloyd’s birthday an affair to remember!”

Carol L.


  • Pig Heaven

    Pig Heaven

    408 reviews
  • Joe B.

    Joe B.

    Greatest bbq spare ribs I've ever had hands down. Been meaning to come here for the longest and I really glad I finally made my way. The spicy chicken and cucumbers was a dish that would only be in my dreams. Nancy Lee does the right thing over here. Food is top notch and I will definitely be back again and again. If you don't get the spare ribs I will have to call you silly.
  • Ka Yi W.

    Ka Yi W.

    First time visiting this spot and had a wonderful experience. Compared to other chinese restaurants I've been too this place is definitely at a higher scale. The staff were all extremely friendly and were able to recommend us some yummy food. The highlights of the night were our two entres, the BBQ Spare Ribs and Tomato and Tofu Soup with thinly slice beef. There BBQ Spare Ribs are well known at this spot and it lives up to it. They were so flavorful and tender. Usually, when I get them at other places its so hard to eat, but here it's absolutely perfect. At first I was unsure if I wanted the Tomato and Tofu Soup with thinly slice beef, but decide to go for it since it was what the staff recommended and boy it didn't disappoint. The soup made me feel like I was having hot pot, but I was able to drink a flavorful broth. I love the tomato soup taste to it and definitely perfect for a cold night. Overall, my experience here was amazing!
  • Everest W.

    Everest W.

    This place was recommend to me by Yelp. I live in a different neighborhood but when I saw a picture of those ribs I knew I MUST HAVE THEM! In less than 2 weeks I finally made it. That's right, for two weeks all I could think about were those ribs.

    I got the ribs, steamed dumplings and chicken and broccoli. Holy shit what a treat everything was. Look at the picture of those ribs. Leave my review and just look at them. Have you left yet? If not, go freaking look now and then come back?

    I know right? They look amazing. Well guess what? They taste even better than they look. A bit on the pricy side but shit they were worth it! The dumpling and chicken were also phenomenal and deserve 5 stars as well but I guess it's clear the ribs stole the show. Makes sense they are called pig heaven.
  • Doris L.

    Doris L.

    This is my new favorite Chinese restaurant on the UES (and honestly the only good one for the area in my mind). Thought it would be American Chinese food but they have authentic Chinese food in addition to the Americanized so it caters to everyone!

    We ordered a ton of food to try and everything was pretty outstanding. Started with soup dumplings, Sichuan cold noodles, and BBQ ribs. The soup dumplings were my favorite among the appetizers - there is a surprisingly large amount of soup in those dumplings! Make sure to eat them the moment they come out to get the full extent of the soup before it gets absorbed. The Sichuan cold noodles were very flavorful but on the sweet side - not too spicy though. The BBQ ribs are extremely tender and have just the right amount of sauce.

    For the mains, we ordered the hotpot with beef, steamed fish fillets, Grand Marnier shrimp, mapo tofu, and two veggie dishes. The steamed fish looks not so exciting in the pictures on the menu but in reality the taste is amazing! It is very light in flavoring and the fish fillets are super tender. This was my favorite dish of the night. In close second was the hotpot beef - the soup was neither too oily nor uncomfortably spicy, with lots of veggies and thinly sliced beef. It is perfect for cold weather. The shrimp was crunchy and creamy but again not too heavy (huge shrimp too!) The mapo tofu does not have meat in it (interpret that however you'd like) and the tofu is extra soft. The Asian veggies were simple, as they typically are, and did not disappoint.

    All portions are very generous. Service is excellent (despite the busy restaurant on a Sunday night). This restaurant is definitely a good reason to trek up to the UES!!
  • Caryn M.

    Caryn M.

    I saw Pig Heaven on TV at least 10 years ago during a special on the Travel Channel about ribs, just to give you some perspective on how long I've built up the anticipation to visit. I finally stopped in and I must say, this was not one of those situations where you build up excitement and get let down; what I had was probably one of if not the best Chinese food experiences I've ever had. We started off with meat fried dumplings and the vegetable spring rolls and were also brought out a variety of sauces to go with the apps. Both were extremely delicious. Next came the roast pork fried rice, not to be confused with regular pork fried rice. So many choices! This rice was simply done, not overly colored like a lot of places that put a ton of soy sauce or even yellow food coloring. It had the roast pork, onions, eggs and green peas. When I tell you it was beautifully flavored and seriously the best fried rice I've ever had. Then the RIBS!!! OMG THOSE RIBS! I need to pause for a moment from writing this review to compose myself, hold on.
    Ok, I'm back. These ribs...I have been dreaming about the ribs since I left Pig Heaven. Truly heavenly. If you have an opportunity to try this restaurant, you absolutely must. The end.
  • Trisha P.

    Trisha P.

    Came here during the week at around 7 pm for dinner with my sister. The service was very attentive and everyone was very helpful! We ordered one appetizers, two entrees, and one dessert. To start we got the soup dumplings which were delicious! I highly recommend trying these when you come in! They are very flavorful and delicious on a cold day. Then we got the pig heaven chicken which came wrapped in foil and opened at the table, so the presentation was very nice!  Upon suggestion of the owner we tried the eggplant and chicken in garlic sauce. It was tasty but I felt as though it needed more chicken, the eggplant was overpowering the dish. For dessert we got the apple pie with ice cream which was delicious!

    Overall this place is a great staple in the upper east side. The vibe is an upscale asian restaurant, so if you ever wanna skip the takeout try this place out!

    Just a note I was invited to try this place by the owner. However my opinions are all my own!
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