1420 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028 212.744.4333/4887 Happy Pig Hour: 4 - 7 p.m. (Mon-Fri)

New Cuisines, Fresh Taste!!!

Introducing our new family style cuisines. Eat like you're in China.

Pig Heaven

Chinese & Asian food delivery in New York

Best BBQ Spare Ribs
in NYC

Bestseller for 30 Years


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Authentic Chinese food in Manhattan

Pig Heaven specializes in Taiwanese style cooking with only the best of ingredients. The menu features items such as our world famous Spare Ribs, Peking Duck, Grand Marnier Shrimp, Three Glass Chicken and many more delicious selections. We feature a full service bar and outdoor seating. We are available for delivery throughout Manhattan and take out is available as well. Additionally we also cater events of all sizes.

From Our Kitchen

More than 100 authentic Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines to indulge your craving for tasty traditional dishes.

ORDER: 212.744.4333/4887

Free Delivery (min $15)

Happy Pig Hour

4 – 7 p.m. (Monday – Friday)

  • BBQ Pork Ribs (2): $7.95
  • Salted Edamame: $5.95
  • Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts: $6.95
  • Popcorn Shrimp: $6.95
  • Crispy Cucumber Salad: $5.95
  • Crystal Shrimp Dumplings (2) +Shui-Mai(2): $6.95
  • Pork Juicy Bun (4): $6.95
  • Pan Fried Meat(2) + Vegetable Dumplings(2): $6.95
  • Beer: $4.00
  • Wine: $7.00
  • Cocktail: $7:00
  • Daily Frozen Drinks (Any Flavor): $7:00

Celebration with Pig Heaven

“We all had a wonderful time! The food was fabulous, as always. And the staff could not have been more accommodating. Very professional and extremely friendly. Everything was great! Thanks so much for making Lloyd’s birthday an affair to remember!”

Carol L.


  • Pig Heaven

    Pig Heaven

    311 reviews
  • Xtyne G.

    Xtyne G.

    Ordered take out - wonton soup, sesame chicken and pork lo mien. Delivery came SO fast, chicken was still crispy, lo mien really tasty. Will definitely be ordering take out from here going forward.
  • Mary R.

    Mary R.

    Was in the mood for spareribs and found this place, good yelp reviews and not too far out of way on a Sunday night trip home. By the time we got there all I wanted was a large platter of ribs and couldn't be talked into anything smaller. But, also got the shrimp with vegetables. Don't remember much about the shrimp dish - it's been about a month since we were there - but I do remember the ribs - juicy, pretty tender, great sauce and more than we could eat. My advice, get the small ribs and I'm sure you'll remember what your other dish tasted like. That's what we'll do the next time.

    Btw the place was packed so make reservations. It's not a small place but it fills up quickly.
  • Andrea C.

    Andrea C.

    Love the food here. If you are looking for authentic Peking duck, this place is highly recommended!
  • Frank S.

    Frank S.

    My son and I had dinner last Friday night. We enjoyed the great food we had. The ribs are over the top. We also had general toes chicken. Both dishes were delicious. We could not finish it all.
  • Pauly V.

    Pauly V.

    Super friendly owner and staff. Surprised by the lack of waiting for the quality of food. Everything we had tasted amazing, especially the beef chow fun and chicken special. It was the perfect chinese fix I needed.
  • Yuxuan T.

    Yuxuan T.

    Very good BBQ ribs and pineapple fried rice, the bok Choy is quite fresh as well. Overall, it's a decent place with good price.
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